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Daddy Dominant from Los Angeles, California in his mid-forties and proud of it, searching for his BabyGirl.

Also, please note that he does not own some of the work (i.e. pictures, writings) on this blog The work owned by him is clearly marked with his watermark/signature.

If you see your work and would like it removed or credited, please let him know. He’ll gladly comply with your request.

And if you are not of legal age, you know what to do.
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  • That chair

    Sit in that chair.  Now, lean back.  Spread your legs slowly.  Raise your skirt.  Show me what is mine.  

    No panties?  Good girl.  Proud of you.

    Now, close your eyes and tilt your head back  Run your finger tips up and down your legs, up and down your inner thighs.  Run them slightly around those pussy lips.  Yes, my pussy lips.  Trace them.  Trace their shape.  

    Take my clit between your fingers.  It is hard, isn’t it?  Throbbing?  Put gentle pressure on it.  Slide one finger inside you while flickering my clit.  Good little girl.  

    Now slide two fingers in and out faster and harder every time.  

    Imagine me lean forward and whisper in your ear, “You are such a good girl.  My good little girl.  So proud of you.  Make me even prouder and I cum for me.  Can you do that?” 

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  • Table

    Slide your panties off.  Bend over this table.  Spread your legs. Extend your arms across the table.  My left hand will push you down and keep you there.

    Be a good girl and do not move while I run my finger tip up and down those pussy folds.  

    Do not moan.  For every moan, I will spank your ass once. Understood?

    If you are a good girl, I will let you taste yourself on my finger.

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  • Restaurant

    This weekend I am thinking of finding a nice Peruvian restaurant and try some of that cuisine.

    We will see.

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  • "Anyone can catch your eye, but it takes someone special to catch your heart."
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  • Gently

    You sit in your favorite chair. I stand before you and between your legs. I lean forward, my hands resting on arms of the chair, look you in the eyes as your breath caresses my face. Gently I take your lips between mine, nibbling and pulling on your lower lip.

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  • Between your legs

    Sit down. Watch me on my knees and between your knees. Arms to yoyr side. Close your eyes. Tilt your head back. Spread your legs more. Good girl

    Feel my lips run up and down your thighs, kissing every inch along the way.

    Do not moan.

    Feel my teeth nibble on every each of your inner thighs, moving up to my clit and nibbling on it.

    My finger slides deep inside you, in and out, as my tongue traces the shape of the folds of my pussy.

    Slowly grind my face. Fuck my face. Fuck my tongue. But do not use your hands to pull you closer. Do not moan.

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  • Buried

    Your head tilted back. Your eyes closed. Your legs on my shoulders. My face buried between your legs. Our hands interlocked. A soft moan from you.

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